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Professionalism, planning and perseverance

We are ready to help you with an effective, relaxed, enjoyable, natural and professional approach. Our hallmarks are quality and compassion in our daily work.

The method of psychological treatment is essentially based on six stages of cognitive -behavioral "climbing", as the stages of a path up the mountain.

Stage I: Where are we going and why - Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the crisis, causes, maintenance factors and resources available to us.

Stage II: Contemplating the top of the mountain - Weigh the pluses (gains) and minuses (sacrifices) to undergo changes in my life. Search for the energy needed through contemplation of the peak of the mountain (my objectives).

Stage III: Preparation and how I can get there - A good understanding (awareness and education) on the problem, situations "at risk" under which it is maintained, and the consequences generated (or might generate) and establishment a good plan of action.

Stage IV: Action: learning to walk - Learning coping skills and emotional control, decision making, problem solving and generation of adaptive thoughts and behaviors.

Stage V: Stay on track; strategies to endure the fatigue and difficulties - Stay over time changes and learning through tactical and motivational work.

Stage VI: Prevention of road risks - Preventing falls and relapses, tactics to be aware and avoid high-risk situations, avoid a return to old habits and recurrence of the problem.

These stages although follow an order they might also operate in parallel. For instance, sometimes it happens that during our drive/climbing up the mountain, we need to check up the map (re-evaluate the problem), change the plan of action, review the risks ... seek support (family and friends, etc.) but never abandon but rather continue walking and not give up until we achieve the goals.

Your psychologist thus becomes your personal trainer (coach), your traveling companion. Our objective is that you achieve your goals and feel fully satisfied and peaceful.